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Tube Affiliate Snatcher Review – Honey Likes it!

This is the second video of the well known Honey Simpsom the IMer saga (ahem). In it she explains why she is using Tube Affiliate Snatcher to leverage new product launches. I hope you enjoy this Tube Affiliate Snatcher review!   // … Read entire article »

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Beginner Marketing Mistakes

The Biggest Blunder Newbie Internet marketers Make with Internet Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is common as an internet based money source for both novices and professional marketers alike. It’s relatively easy to get going with, plus it doesn’t cost much if any money to make it happen. A success in many ways. Nonetheless, it isn’t foolproof. Quite a few inexperienced web entrepreneurs start off having visions of piles of cash and lavish dreams, only to quit in discouragement. The problem is not really with affiliate marketing but with the strategy used to make use of it. There’s one bad mistake many beginners make, they become scattered. A number of new affiliate marketers get scattered out of desperation, other folks simply because they cannot pick only one item to promote. The Difficulty associated with … Read entire article »

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Affiliate Marketing Explained

Affiliate Marketing Explained

What exactly is Internet Affiliate Marketing? There are a few ways of bringing in money online. Virtually all involve developing a service or product of some type. That is one of the tasks that stumped many that wished to join the Internet advertising and marketing environment, to make profits just like they see other people do. Then a fantastic plan sprung to existence. Clever sales people noticed that they could sell a lot more goods when … Read entire article »

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Internet Marketing in a Nutshell

What is Internet Marketing? You have heard about Internet Marketing, but do you really know what it is? If you search for a definition of Marketing, something like this is bound to come up: “researching the needs of the market, product conceptualization, pricing, and promotion through advertising”. In short, marketing deals with the conception and promotion of a product. If you work for a big agency or corporation, internet marketing means probably just that, marketing through a new media channel. Marketing is often confused with advertising, because advertising  is one of the most visible activities of a marketing strategy and generally the most expensive. Advertising means making the message about your company, product or services reach your market. It also encompasses behind the scenes work like the processes involving the conceptualization of strategies and … Read entire article »

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